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Obituary for Mary Mohan

Our Beloved
Maria Antonia Romeo Mohan
(Maria Antoinette Romeo Mohan)

March 21, 1933 - July 16, 2020

William Shakespeare wrote, and we know this to be true, “though she be but little she is fierce”
Maria Antonia Romeo Mohan
(Marie Antoinette Romeo, Mohan)
Daughter, Mother, Animal Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, Great Grandmother (Nunu), Wife (Maisie) & Friend.
She was loved completely by her husband Earl and she loved him completely. They had a bond that we were envious of and strive to have in our lives. They earned each other. They worshiped each other. They protected each other. She was his “Maisie”, and he was her “Earl The Pearl”.
She gifted me and so many others with friendship, mother figure and confessor.
She gave to me my guardian, my connection to the Blessed Mother and to Goddess. She was a woman of faith. She was a collector of angels.
We could entrust ourselves to her, and as all things do come around full circle, her to us. Her heart beats within us all.
Her loyalty was fierce. To family, to friends, to love. When she loved you it was like being in the mob, once you were in, you could never get out.
She sang happy birthday to each of us first thing on our birthdays. She hugged and kissed everyone, it was her Italian way.
She loved animals and knew all of them by name, she loved community and was a friend to all. She was always trying to feed everyone.
Her home was pristine, almost to obsession, everything in its place. But it was always home, and she took great pride in that. All were welcome as long as you took your shoes off.
She hosted great feasts. She taught me how to prepare the delights of her ancestors. (Eggplant parmesan, meatballs and lentil soup). She would say “mangia” when we walked in the door. You would never want to insult her by not eating.
She traveled and lived elsewhere but was always a true New Yorker. When she returned to the big apple it was like she had never left. Visiting places from her memories and family that she hadn’t seen in years. It was like going home for her. She would joke that she was from Texas anytime that someone could hear her thick accent and ask her where she was from. Of course, there was no mistaking that accent!
She smelled of wonderful things. An air of perfume (Far Away), baby powder, Vick’s Vapor Rub and Ponds cold cream.
She fixed us up with magic cream (Neosporin) and would rub us down with the same Vick’s for no reason at all.
She had alabaster skin that gave the illusion of youth and sky-blue eyes. The ones that could look straight through to the soul. There was a tenderness and a knowing there.
She was a curator of love, of family, of friends and of lessons to be learned in this life. She reinvented herself over and over again with her heart intact. She gave to us that strength and wisdom. She did not squander her life.
As she takes her leave and joins her lost loves and her God, she leaves us with so much to be grateful for. Things to breathe in and to learn from her examples.
As we shed our tears today and the days to come, I am reminded of the words of Khalil Gibran, “love that is cleansed by tears will remain eternally pure and beautiful. Love will embrace us and mend our broken wings”.
We loved her with all of our hearts, we loved her truly, we loved her more!
All my heart my dear.

In Lieu of flowers donations may be made to any NO KILL Animal shelter In Mary's Honor