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Obituary for Nobuko Tsuchida Powell (Tsuchida)


In Heido-nando North Korea on May 10th of 1926, Nobuko T. Powell was born to parents Tokio Tsuchida and Kimi Tsuchida. Nobuko’s family included her father, Tokio Tsuchida; mother, Kimi Tsuchida; and surviving sisters, Cheiko Yoshikawa, Setsuko Kashiwakuva, and Yoshiko Tsuchida; Nobuko was the second eldest sibling.
In October of 1945, the second world war ended and Nobuko began working as a nurse in Ishikawa, Japan. Shortly after she learned English and how to type. She moved to the Fukushima Prefecture Otakine Radar Squadron to work as a typist and help pay bills for her family. There she met her husband, William Powell at the age of 31. In 1966, they moved to Denver Colorado and had two sons, eldest being David Powell, and youngest Sidney Powell. While living in Denver, she joined Simpson United Methodist Church in the year 1966. She continued to be an active member in the church, even doing calligraphy and helping out at yearly church events. Nobuko in 1972 got a new job at the State of Colorado Motor Vehicles, where after 20 years retired there.
After retiring, Nobuko found pleasure in fishing, mastagi mushroom hunting, taking trips up the Black Hawk Casinos, and spending time with her friends and family, which included her 5 grandchildren, Danielle, Samuel, Annalise, Maryn, and Lucas Powell.