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Obituary for Penny Allyn Kiper (Bennett)

Kiper, Penny A.
Penny Allyn Kiper (Bennett) passed away peacefully at Collier Hospice in Wheat Ridge
Colorado on Tuesday September 4, 2018.
She was born in St. Louis Missouri to Peggy and Robert Bennett.
Her only two daughters Laura Day and Jill Rene spent as much time as they
could with Penny, because she valued time with her loved ones above all else.

She was the third of nine siblings, and is survived by some of them: Barbara Schroeder, Geoffrey Bennett,
Christine Bennett, Susan Staub and Jennifer Sparr. She is also survived by many nieces,
nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, and her three grandsons: Matthew Wayne August,
Mark Wayne Isaac, and Dylan Carter. There are too many family members and friends to name
everyone, but Penny knew who all of you are, and loved each of you.

Penny was a complicated and simple woman simultaneously. She was a proud citizen, and felt
a personal obligation to participate in this thing we call a democracy. She felt a responsibility to
be an informed citizen and to vote. She loved to travel, and was always ready to go on her next
adventure. She loved to read and did so voraciously, including reading the Bible from cover to
cover twice. She loved Colorado, the environment, upcycling and recycling. She was a creative
seamstress and often made clothes for herself and her daughters throughout her life. She also
quilted and often gave quilts away as gifts to her loved ones. She loved camping, hiking and
generally spending as much time as she could in the “Great Outdoors”, specifically the Colorado
Rockies. She loved and supported all of the arts including (but never limited to): theater, music,
concerts, museums and attending many of her niece’s dance recitals (of which there have been
many). She loved baseball, especially the St. Louis Cardinals. But almost without exception, she
loved organized sporting events, and was well versed in the rules and regulations for each of
them. (Go Broncos!) She participated in many different activities over the years, but some of the
highlights are: a monthly food co-op to bring natural groceries into her home to feed her family
(way before you could get them in the grocery store) and a monthly pinochle game with her
girlfriends, which has occured for the past 40 years.

Penny will be remembered with love and affection by her daughters, friends and family.
Whatever her flaws may have been, she was a wonderful, kind, and caring person who made a
difference in many people’s lives. Laura and I will do our best to remember the laughter and joy
she brought into our lives, because we ALWAYS knew she loved us, and that is a precious gift.
We love you Mom, and hope you are resting peacefully with your Mom in heaven.